The Long Run

The number of years, months and days left to create the most sustainable aerospace company, ever.

Time is up ec!

STAREG Technologies designs, manufactures and deploys small and medium-size reusable rockets in low-Earth orbit for business objectives, providing the same quality service of the current operators on the market, but with a fraction of their GHG emissions.

The primary goal of STAREG is to develop the right and affordable technology to secure affordable small satellites to reach low Earth orbit (LEO) and to perform a number of scientific research functions and explore new space technologies for environmental and Climate Change-related issues for the largest possible audience.

This solution would drastically lower the cost per launch and therefore would concretely open this market to new potential customers. With respect to the SDG’s solutions, developing small and medium-sized reusable rocketry components would also allow to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an example, this exercise pushes for continuous innovation (SDG 9) and also responsible production methods (SDG12). Moreover, increasing the current use of Satellite telecommunications and space-based applications for use on Earth would benefit health (SDG3), education equality (SDG4), agriculture (SDG2 and 15), and the environment (SDG13).

Supporting STAREG

STAREG would like to thank the generous and unprecedented support provided by our partners, be it financially, technically, scientifically, in terms of logistics or simply by endorsing the project with enthusiasm.